I live in Belmont County. I own 170 acres and am under lease to Gulfport. About 100 acres of my land is "landlocked", situated between interstate 70 & Gulfport's Eagle Creek well so it is very unlikely it will ever be drilled. I'd heard that the other 70 acres might be including in a drilling unit in 2021. 

   I've received an offer to buy the mineral rights for the whole 170 acres, not just the 70 acres. I'm trying to decide whether to sell or not. One consideration is how much I might make in royalties if I were to wait & they'd actually drill under the 70 acres.

I'd like to see if any people could give me an estimate of what a monthly royalty check might be per acre with a 15% royalty percentage. That might help me decide.

  I know there are people out there who say you're a fool if you ever sell your oil & gas rights. I'm not interested in that noise. I'd just like to have some guess as to what I might receive in royalties so I could weigh that against the offer of a sure thing now.

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Thanks for info.  It definitely helps to show what royalties can be worth. This is the kind of helpful sharing that can make a difference in making an informed decision.  Thanks again. 

so did you sell?

Don't do anything. No one knows what US O&G is worth to Landowners today, but we will know tomorrow.

Corruption will end, then EVERYONE will know what the O&G companies have been hiding.

The plan was to make US Landowners hungry, then give them a little something for their land, while stealing from them all along.

This is what happened to West Virginia Coal Minerals, stolen in the early 1900s. Oil and Gas companies are no different than Coal Companies.

Everything will change when Corruption is removed from Our Country. This is a campaign promise by Our President Trump.

Count on it, Promises made, Promises soon to be Kept.

My property must be close to yours near Morristown. Part of my property is in the Eagle Creek drilling unit, which has proven to be prolific.
The decision to sell mineral rights is complex. IHMO, the deciding factor is your personal situation. i.e. age, income needs, health, family situation and the list goes on. Unfortunately for you, the O&G economics are abysmal right now, reducing the worth of your rights. The oil & gas world is historically cyclical, and we are now at or near a bottom.
Our properties are in the epicenter of the wet gas zone, which has been out of favor for a few years. Midstream processing cost is the culprit. On the contrary, demand for the various NG liquids is growing with crackers coming on stream and exports setting new records every month. This should solidify prices. Then there’s the issue of theoretical bogus past royalty deductions for processing costs. Again, IMHO, the court should issue a decision soon. If in our favor, the payout may be significant if the obligation doesn’t drive the perpetrators to bankruptcy court.
Several wet gas E&P’s are struggling, led by GPOR, who as you know is a major factor in our geography. They are being pressured to unload assets, but the Utica is their crown jewel. Personally, I think EQT/Rice would be the most logical buyer, assuming GPOR wants to sell. They’ve done joint ventures for several years. Encino so far has been a nothingburger.
Anyway, for what it’s worth, that is my opinion.

My property comes right up to the southern edge of the Eagle Creek well but is right outside of it. Five hears ago I sold 1/2 my mineral rights to some people in Colorado. It was the best thing I ever did. The worst was not selling all of it.  Now, I can't give the other half away because  my property is split by I-70 and no drilling can take place under the interstate. Everybody seems to realize this except the people in Colorado didn't. Right now, I'm waiting for either another ill informed buyer or for them to change the law about drilling under interstate highways or state land. I guess they're working on it. Anyway, I'm stuck at the moment.

They'll have it figured out after 10 more years of meetings.

yep. when's the next meeting? july?  What year?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the state removed the restriction for drilling under the interstate. There is no technical reason for the restriction and the state is walking away from a nice revenue stream.


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