I received a survey permission form for the Leach Xpress from Columbia Gas Transmission

Can anyone tell us more about the Leach Xpress Pipeline? I received a survey permission form for this from Columbia Gas Transmission. This is another FERC line. Are the landowners treated fairly with compensation?

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Your argument is essentially that I believe in reality while you continue to dabble in your fantasy world where things are as Jay wishes them to be.  That's unfortunate because this could have been an interesting discussion.

"Sorry Dexter (or is it Marcus) - In my real world view of capitalism (not your twisted oil/gas version), if you want to build something on land you don't currently own to earn a profit, you either  pay what the landowner wants, or move on. "

If that's what you think the real world is then there's no reason to continue this conversation. 

Sorry, I'm not interested in arguing with some half-wit bully who simply makes up opinions (and names, evidently) for others.  If you want to be a grown up and have a conversation I'd be happy to join.  Otherwise I wish you all the best in the "Most Caustic Guy in Monroe County" competition.  I'm sure you'll place well above any challengers. 

Can anyone give an example of what would be fair compensation for one line? Take into account the line itself, timber damage, access and work space. Let's say the total length is 2000 feet. What would the money figures be?

I laugh when these pipeline companies (with eminent domain on their side) say that their offer is fair market value. Yes, fair market value in their eyes. As an example, just imagine selling your house and the buyer makes all the rules and tells you what they will pay and you have no say in the matter. To me, this is the same scenario happening with these pipeline / midstream companies. It's going to be a battle.

Thank you Jay !!!    God Bless...

So, is asking for $1,000,000 for one pipeline considered fair compensation? Let's say for 2000 feet of pipeline. The $1,000,000 would include payment for it all such as the ROW, access, damages for timber and temp work space.

Who is the contractor who is digging and putting the pipe in the ground?? I am storing some of this pipe for the company who stages it, but they are finished after it's stacked at my place. I know Columbia hires a general contractor, but don't know who got the bid??


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