MarkWest Pipeline - New Construction - All Phases - Video from The Air

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If what you state is true then all you need to do is call your state's DEP, it would get fixed I suspect rather quickly. All pipelines that I've seen so far in western Pa have been reclaimed right.

Why are you yelling through your whole post? All caps are hard to read.

GREAT VIDEO! Are you sure that some of this is not the ATEX pipeline? Looks like Markwests pipe ,on their maps, stops at Guernsey co.

really cool!....nice job!

I agree with Boboski, I believe that this is the ATEX line that will carry Ethane east/west.  Regarding the comment about the lack of rail for Mark West in Cadiz, no worries the hopedale plant will have plenty of rail capacity for Mark West.  NICE PRESENTATION JOHN!!!

Yes, seen some farms I know, and this is definitely the ATEX pipeline. Markwest WILL be tapping into the REX pipeline near Summerfield in Noble co. a36"to 42" pipeline that runs west to Colorado.

Nice presentation, John,  thanks.

why do I get a "Known fraudulent web page" warning for this, when obviously the rest of you were able to view it? What's wrong with my settings, can someone help? I wanted to view it!

I got there--can't follow the link from That's the "fraudulent site" according to my (stupid) computer (I have a stupid phone, too--can't have stuff that's smarter than I!)

Very nice video, thanks for sharing. Good job. 

Nice Pics, but it would of been even better if the slide show was so fast

you r the man John.   This looks awesome, good ole American soil being worked up for the future production that will be coming out of the earth, from rocks that are under your airstrip and all those from Frazeysburg east.  One of these farms looks like one I should know.  Thanks for sharing these wonderful views. 

I agree it was way to fast to be able to view every thing. I was just able to get a glance at the pictures. Would be nice if they slowed it down.

Well done! And now let's all pray that they know what they're doing. We are surrounded by pipelines going in - in every direction around our farm. Looking at the photos I see ALOT of waterways, ponds, family homesteads SO close to where the lines are dropped. One leak can ruin your....entire family legacy for generations. "We ALL live downstream!"


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