They want to buy my oil and gas rights in tusc. County Ohio. And pay me one lump for it all. Should I do it because I don’t there now ?

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My acreage is in southeastern guernsey county in Millwood township.   I know there are a lot of factors at play but I am just looking for a ball park estimate. Over the years I have heard anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per acre per month on a 20% no deduction lease.  Seems like the most frequent range was $700-$800 per acre per month during the first year.   I was just wondering if that is close. 


Dave Cain

It’s just hard to know what to do. When you get older you would like to see something take place. But they won’t say anything. And it is hard to find anything out. So I will just wait and see what happens I guess. Jim

price will depend on where your acreage is located in Tusc.  Tusc is still fringe as the Point Pleasant gets more shallow as you head to the west.  If you're in eastern Tusc we may be interested in taking a look at it 

I'd like to put out an opposing view on this subject. Several years ago I sold half my mineral rights for $10,000 / acre. That was the best move I ever made financially in my life. The worst move was not selling all of it. Now I,m boxed in by other wells and my remaining rights are totally worthless. Noone can see the future that's why I think selling half your rights is a very smart move for a lot of people. 

   For a lot of people their mineral rights may be by far the most valuable asset they own. Keeping all of it could be looked at like putting all your assets in one risky stock. Any number of bad things can happen that could make it totally worthless like what happened to me.


Thanks for your perspective. I have seen what you are describing on the ODNR well site viewer. Some pretty large chunks of land that are surrounded by wells and the acreage, while large, isn’t large enough for a new unit to be drilled. My attorney, and more importantly my wife, are recommending that we sell a portion. I haven’t decided for sure what to do at this point.  I really enjoy following all this as it has developed over the past decade so I don’t think I would sell 100%.  

Thanks again,

Dave Cain

I couldn’t agree more, I have a diverse portfolio of mineral rights in multiple states in addition to other investments. Makes me happy when prices are high, but can be painful when prices go in the other direction

depends on your age and your needs Keeping the rights will most of the time will give you more money over the long haul and selling will give you a good chunk now.I kept mine for my children 

James , I would liKe to keep in touch. I also no longer live in Tusc Co. and received an offer of $3000/ acre to purchase rights. 

Wondering if it's a scam or there is a truly  going to be drilling.

Stan Henry from Union Tshp.

$3000 an acre is not out of the realm of possibility - depending on the location and royalty terms, that could be low.  I know of acreage that sold for more than twice that price.



I would hang onto it. They know something we don’t. Why would they be so interested in buy off every ones rights? I have had two gas leases here in Tioga county, PA. I hear they will be drilling deeper for oil. No royalties paid to me yet. But there is plenty of well activity going on around here.

EAP is forming Units in Southeast Tusc. Things are starting to happen. When O & G companies begins to lease people the companies that buy minerals begin sending out their letters to purchase because they do know something.

Don't sell . Does anyone know if shale is gonna come back to mercer county pa? Like they did a 10 yrs ago ? They sure laid out alot if money then nothing happenend


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