How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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Sit back and enjoy the ride………

Time will tell…………

Well Darrell, I'm hoping that it will trickle down to our royalty check.  Prior health issues need to be paid for and these additional dollar will certainly be welcomed.  "Grapevine word has it that another unit nearby is thought to be tapped in the near future."  This unit I am speaking of has nothing on it yet.     Granddad Ladd

Mr Ladd

what other unit is possibly going to be tapped……..

I hope they r moving towards Clymer Township 

Well Darrell,  Considering that a large water storage pond has been established  within a mile or closer to Sabinsville pumping station previously and a ROW gas pipeline already in operation from the two  Painter wells, It does seem to be a very good possibility that the next 'Flat Castle' unit  to be drilled and tapped could be very near to Clymer township.   Granddad Ladd

I hope it is near the area of Sharretts Well …….

Hi Darrell. Several years ago soon after Sharretts well came in my wife and I  started driving around looking to find the various well sites being talked about.  As I recall Sharretts well is a few miles south of Sabinsville.  And I cannot tell you if Sharretts well is even in the "Flat Castle" grouping of  units or not. Unfortunetly I do not drive anymore so I really cant pinpoint Sharretts any closer for you.  Over west of us is the Abplanalp well site. The Painter well and Abplanalp was to feed to the 16 inch pipeline ROW and then to the Sabinsville pumping station. My property is about halfway between these two well sites.  However I never found out if Abplanalp was ever drilled or not, let alone being  put on line. At the time there was a great deal of ruckus about drilling thru the storage area of Dominion to the marcellus shale deposit. Dominion was afraid that their stored gas would be siphoned off by any wells drilled thru what they claimed was their storage area. I guess that squabble was settled so now drilling would be allowed. Sometime after the ROW was put in across my property, A large 16 inch tap was made on that already installed pipeline.  Also there are two culverts drilled under the Broughton road  that was said to be for a water supply from the large holding pond that I mentioned in my previous posting.  The first Painter well drilling water was  hauled in tanker trucks. Then a pipeline was laid on the surface to the Painter well for the well number two. But this waterline was not successful. It was simply too small and a booster pump did not help. They took that line up and another contractor installed another water line, (bigger in capacity) that was routed differently. This second attempt was successful in bringing in water. Eventually this water supply line was removed too.  The storage pond is apparently located where it can be used to supply several different well sites in different units. Water will come from a site on the Cowanesque river located just west of Westfield.     Granddad Ladd

Will rising NG prices impact how gas companies can hedge for the future?  In other words will the rising gas prices increase what a gas company can use for hedging future hedging contracts?

Not surging yet on my royalty checks.

How would increasing NG prices affect royalties?  Often times the payments are based upon production occurring several months earlier, and may not reflect current pricing.  Any ideas how high this pricing surge will rise?

Not looking good in the short term for a lot of companies. They still are locked in to some contracts at low low prices.

Hey there Toytown! Our last royalty check did show a small increase from the previous month. But we only have about 15 acres in that particular unit. If a well was drilled on our property or just south of us there are facilities, (water and pipeline) already installed.  And we would benefit with another 50 some acres, (actually about 100 plus).    About a mile north of us an oil well was drilled a few years ago and there proved to be some oil there but I don't know how much or was done about it. There was a collection tank placed there.   Granddad Ladd

What I think is going to happen is that after the first of the year all the producers are going to increase their capital expenditure budgets and drilling and leasing is going to pick up like crazy.


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