Can someone help me out. If the plat maps show our names with our acreage, from the ohio div of minerals, does that have any significance that we may be in the well. SORry, really dont understand everything yet. Still no div orders but It says well producing. thanks

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Do you own both the surface and minerals??

If you do then you need to find out the details of when the well started producing and who the operator is.

I'm in WV and know that the WV DEP has all info on any well and can tell you all the answers.

Next thing is which formation this well is drilled into.

Can make a big difference.

When you find out the answers and are the rightful owner, GET A REALLY GOOD O&G ATTORNEY!! 

I am in wv I was told by Swn energy that it could take up to six months to get division orders after the well goes to sale 

We are in a unit that started production in June and have no mineral orders, sounds like your scenario. Call the producer and ask them. I don't know about calling the department in charge for the state where you are, in Ohio I am far from impressed with the efforts of their people in getting information on their web site. The information is at best late and incomplete, to the point where I don't really rely on them for much.

I am aware of an individual who has already received and cashed a royalty check but whose name doesn't appear in the list of landowners that are shown in the permit the Ohio has posted online, nor does his property show in the unit on the plat map shown with the permit.

Division orders are mostly to show the landowner how their acreage figures into the unit drilled, using the figure stated on the division orders the producer will figure your share of the money your lease determines you should get.

Your lease should tell you when the producers are required to start paying your royalty. There are many explanations of how to figure division orders available and you should check the figure that the producer has arrived at for accuracy. Division orders are nice to get because they are a precursor to the start of your royalty payments.

Many leases around here show 180 days from the first day of the first month following the initial date of production for the first well and 120 days from the first day of the first month following the initial date of production for all subsequent wells in the unit.

Hope this helps.

Your state has a law that says when you should be paid. In Texas it is 120 days after first production then thereafter 60 days following monthend of oil production and 90 days following monthend of gas production.  Check with your state agency.

This is the second producing unit we have been placed in. Whatever the law is here in Ohio, it allows the lease terms that dictate when we receive royalty payments.

No Ohio does not have a law like most states requiring royalties to be paid in a certain period of time.  If your lease doesn't address the issue, the law in Ohio allows the operator a "reasonable" amount of time.  Really you Ohio mineral owners need to get together and get your legislators to adopt this legislation found in almost all oil producing states.  Those states also provide for interest on royalties not paid within such time.


What company is producing the O & G?

What county and township is it located in?  Are you sure it has been turned to sales?


Have you contacted "owners relations" with Ascent to ask them about it? I believe there is a specific phone number. Also there are other threads that people have complained about Ascent not paying you can type Ascent in the search box and look at past posts.  You can find others that are leased with Ascent to whom you can send a message for more information on their experience with Ascent.

Then it is producing.

Hey Kit,

Don't we know each other ? I believe you should have gotten your division orders this week if you are who I think you are.


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