Will there be another boom for the gas industry and what will it look like?   Who will the gas company survivors be?   Will Range Resources, CNX Resources, EQT and others still be like what we know them to be now?   

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The World is about to change. That which has been kept secret for longer than We know will be revealed to All.

US Citizens will actually be free for the first time in US History. Do some research, we have been slaves to England since 1606 up to June 5th 2019 when Our President freed us from England's Royalty who were under control per the 1606 Jamestown Charter & reconfirmed with the signing of the 1783 document that ended the American Revolution. This document was a Chesapeake style fraud upon US Citizens. The signers for the US were Esquires and overlooked important wordings. You know like Your Chesapeake Leases.

Oil and Gas will be a transparent industry where workers can be  proud of what they do rather than covering up the corruption that they have always known to be in progress against their fellow Citizens.

No corrupt O&G company will survive, and unless I missed hearing of an Honest O&G company, all O&G companies will be in the US Treasury, owned by We The People.

The US will prosper and We The People will be included, instead of what has been done since day one of the O&G Industry where those at the  highest level prosper on the backs of US Landowners. 

Rice was corrupt, their leases had "non-disclosure clauses, I have a copy of one. What honest company draws up a document that silences those who sign it? CNX, EQT/Rice & Range Resources will be honest and in the US Treasury.

This isn't up for debate.

I know things, more than You want to know, trust me. 

Nope, I`m not buying what you are selling.   Stop high-jacking these discussions!   

Yeah, you know things. The government is going to take over every  E & P next year.   Ooooohhhhh kkkkaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Get a grip Ron. Your children and grand children are going to be robbed to the point that they realize pap Hale was right, we all should have listened. It will be in vain.

I know things to. Ron, you are a fool.

They let you out way too early. 


Do you post crazy conspiracy theories on here based off of youtube videos you watched or are you just bitter about the lawsuit against Chesapeake not going your way? Definitely understand if you're upset over that but I'm trying to figure out why you even post on here because you don't provide any value to the discussions you try to take over with your rambling. 

I'm sure there is a facebook group or other forum you can post on where people will love the topics of your conversation. Obviously most of the people on this site don't want to read your garbage.

Anyone know how to block Ron so his comments don't show up? Seriously this guy ruins every topic that he chimes in on.

Appreciate the comments by Old Timer. Always enjoy reading your insight on the oil and gas industry.

Thanks OT, I have always appreciated your insights for this industry.   I promise I`m not a Predator Troll but rather someone who has been following this site for over 10 years.   I have always found it helpful to learn what landowner vs gas company relations are about along with news of trends for new drilling activity.   It has been that information & news that have supported my belief that someday my family will enjoy the benefits of being in a producing gas unit in the western edge of Central PA.   I still hold that belief although the current downtown for the industry is not too positive.   I trust your knowledge, personal experience & insights for this industry. 

Your comments sound to me less promising for the future for many landowners.   It is all about cost and return on investment for the gas companies.  Do you see more consolidation of gas companies?   How would only a few gas companies benefit or hurt landowner opportunities for growth?  The marginal areas at lower prices may never see production. 

Well said


You agree with Ron’s “Dark-side” of the O&G industry out to plunder and steal anyway they can.  You even think folks that have been here on GMS for years involved in informative discussions are industry trolls.  

The really sick and demented thing is that little ole you sitting there on your patch of dirt is wishing for extremely cold weather this winter that will kill and harm people and suck away their wealth with high heating bills and lost work.  And attacks on refineries that will kill people and suck wealth out of the world and maybe start World War III.  All so you can make a few bucks for your minerals.   How are you any different than a thieving O&G company.  You are just as willing to step on people and wish ill on them to get ahead.  

Hey! Please stop this crappy comments towards each other! They do nothing except to cause anger toward each other. This site was created to offer information to interested folks...… not to belittle someone you do not agree with! If you have such anger, then  write these nasty complaints on a price of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet!

I do not always agree with Ron Hale but he does make some valid points to consider. Nasty complaints against other folks posting on any site only show that  thinking processes are bogged down to the limit of intelligence, and will never help anyone. 

Granddad Ladd


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