Guernsey Lease Offers: County / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Acreage

Ohio-Guernsey County     06/27/2011     15.00%     $1600.00     5 years     100.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     10/22/2011     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     5.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/26/2012     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     48.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     02/27/2012     16.00%     $2000.00     5 years     0.75

ADD YOUR"S BELOW. Please add any additional qualifying info; Section-Township-Range etc.

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Not quite sure of what I am reading. Could you please explain. My lease is in Guernsey Co., Londonderry township on Skull Rd. Any drilling planned there? Thanks!

The are lease offers... No idea regarding if drilling is planned. You should receive notice of being added to a unit when/if the driller intends on drilling

thank you! that is good to know!

09/26/13     20.00%      $5000.00    5 years     15.1

What twp

yes we had our well and spring tested about 1 yr before drilling started our water was fine the spring had a little feco bactera Deer crawdads and salamanders ect.well was very good readings. it cost aprox 600.00. 

Ohio-Guernsey Madison Twnp 7-2013   20% $5500 5yrs  5.010

Ohio - Guernsey County, Richland Twp. 12/5/2013  18%  $6,400  5 years 4 acres.

Tony who leased your minerals in Richland twp Guernsey Cty?

Great River Resource's made the offer.  We are still negotiating. 

Tony, you are buying lunch.

Do you have a phone number for Great River Resources, I am in Cambridge looking to possibly lease my land. I was not in the area when the oil people came around.


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