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Ohio Law Enforcement Monitoring Extreme Environmental Groups

Energy In Depth's Shawn reports on Ohio law enforcement putting extreme environmental groups on notice:

"Extreme environmental activist groups have been put on notice by Ohio’s law enforcement, due primarily to the activities of outside organizations coming into Ohio to disrupt oil and gas development.  Authorities like the…


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Industry touts major Mancos Shale play Estimates point to 6B barrels of recoverable oil

ARMINGTON – The San Juan Basin could be headed toward a renaissance in natural-gas and oil drilling if rosy expectations touted by industry officials at Monday’s San Juan Basin Energy Conference hold true.

“In the southern part of the basin, the Mancos play has the potential to revitalize declining San Juan Basin oil production and also has a tremendous amount of future gas production in the northern part of the basin,” said Ron Broadhead, a principal…


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Update: Utica Fueling Construction Industry In Eastern Ohio

UPDATE (3/25/13 10:00 am ET):  Utica/Point Pleasant development continues to fuel construction in not only Ohio but also West Virginia.  In two separate articles, Utica Shale was heralded for it’s investment into the region.  In West Virginia, the Dominion/Caiman joint venture called the Blue Racer Midstream is currently constructing a $500…


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Exterran Plant To Come Online in Youngstown

In 2010, Exterran Energy Solution Inc. announced it would build a new manufacturing plant in Youngstown.  Now, after years of planning and construction, the 60,000-square-foot plant is set to go online in April.  Michael Grimland, director of manufacturing at Exterran gave more information about the plant at the Ohio Shale Development: Economic…


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Oil & Gas Industry Links Up With Logistics Council

This week the Columbus Region Logistics Council (CRLC) hosted an educational event titled “Central Ohio Logistics and the Shale Play”.  CRLC members got first hand advice and information from key people in the industry including Rhonda Reda of the Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP), Mark Matusick of…


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Biting the Hand That Feeds Them

Opponents of the development of natural gas in New York have been protesting everything related to the topic, including Inergy, L.P., one of the largest taxpayers in Schuyler and Tioga Counties. Cherie Messore takes a moment to look at two neighboring New York Counties and two very different reactions to the company and the services it offers.

While a small group of people protested at a proposed natural gas storage facility site in Schuyler County this week, the 20,000 residents of…


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AMD Plan a Win-Win

he natural gas industry is looking to use abandoned mine drainage during the hydraulic fracturing of gas wells. This innovation is currently being practiced by some operators and assists in mitigating environmental impacts. Although it is a win-win situation some ‘environmental’ groups still oppose the practice, revealing much about who they really are.

Next week we will recognize the birthday of Edwin Drake, the man who drilled the first oil well in Pennsylvania. It makes one wonder…


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Rex Energy Showing More Promise in Noble County

Rex Energy announced the results from their first three wells located in the Warrior Prospect South project and those results  are promising for the company and the continued development of the Utica Shale.  All three wells were developed on the same pad in Noble County right on the…


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Benefits of Shale and the Shut-In Clause: A Preview of 2 Speakers at Pennsylvania's National Association of Royalty Owners Convention

learn more about the upcoming 2013 NARO PA Annual Meeting and Convention 

The Implied Covenant to Market vs The Shut-In Royalty Clause


Imagine you own 145 acres of leased land. After months of inactivity,…


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Giving Upstate the Business

The time for platitudes about saving upstate New York is over. It’s time to take action. Governor Cuomo needs to put all the loose talk about acting on science, when he’s really playing politics, behind us. Upstate is dying and the Governors make-believe actions aren’t going to save it.

Candidate Andrew Cuomo said, “We must make New York the jobs capital of the nation and get unemployed New Yorkers back to work….Upstate continues to witness the crumbling of its manufacturing…


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Environmental Groups Seek Weaker Standards for Ohio’s UIC Program

"Anti-development groups joined forces yesterday to ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to take control of Ohio’s Underground Injection Control program from the the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  The groups including the Buckeye Forest Council, FrackFree Mahoning Valley and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice held protests and sent a letter to U.S. EPA requesting as much.  What these…


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The implied covenant to market gas vs. the shut-in royalty clause: How long can the well be shut-in?

The implied covenant to market gas vs. the shut-in royalty clause: How long can the well be shut-in?

By Robert J. Burnett, Esquire 


This is a familiar but troubling issue for a growing number of landowners throughout the Marcellus Shale fairway.  Imagine you own 145 acres in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  You sign a lease with a modest signing bonus in 2007.  You soon realize that your signing bonus is…


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ODNR’s Preemption of Oil & Gas Regulation Upheld

Jeffrey E. Fort of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur guest blogs for EID on the Monroe Falls, Ohio decision to uphold the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's preemption:

"In State ex rel. Morrison v. Beck Energy Corp., 2013-Ohio-356 (Ninth Dist.) Beck Energy obtained a permit from the Ohio…


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Artist Against Fracking Caught Lobbying Without Filing

The Associated Press (AP) has noted Yoko Ono’s “Artists Against Fracking” is collecting money to influence public policy in New York but hasn’t bother registering as a lobby group. The article is worth reading and exposes the hypocrisy of the privileged 1% who attack the natural gas industry for lobbying efforts. Here we provide some additional facts the article missed.

There are hints in the Associated Press story that point to the bigger picture, when the Sustainable Markets…


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Utica Fueling Construction Industry In Eastern Ohio

EID's Shawn dissects the New York Times piece on the Utica Shale's impact on construction in Ohio and notes other projects that deserve notice:

"It’s not every day Ohio is featured in the New York Times but that’s exactly what happened yesterday as the Grey Lady focused on the remarkable investment and jobs that Utica…


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Shale Economic Opportunity Forum Showcases Youngstown’s Bright Future

"This week, Energy In Depth attended the Ohio Shale Development: Economic Impact & Opportunities Forum in Youngstown.  The event was co-sponsored by the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Energy Resource Alliance, and the Ohio Shale…


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NRDC Antics in NY Inspired by Land Grabbers

It seems Governor Cuomo has decided to sell out Upstate New York and its workers by putting natural gas development on hold. Reports claim Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. convinced Cuomo the health risk was too great and he should await the results of a Pennsylvania health study for which there is no scheduled deliverable. It suggests there is a lot more to the story and, of course, there is.

Governor Cuomo didn’t put his former brother-in-law on the Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Committee out…


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Don’t Take the Utica Shale for Granted

Christopher J. Baronzzi, an oil and gas attorney at Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, gave EID his insight on laws and regulations concerning Ohio's Utica Shale:

"Less than three years into Ohio’s Utica shale development and it is becoming apparent that we are in the midst of a once in a generation opportunity for Ohio.  But, even though there is plenty of reason for optimism and excitement, we must be careful not to take this emerging industry for granted – it is not a bottomless…


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More Natural Gas Training

The Pittsburgh Technology Institute recently broke ground on its new Energy Technology Center just west of Pittsburgh in North Fayette Township. The center will provide a home base for two new programs designed to train workers for in-demand jobs in the oil and natural gas industry.

Natural gas development continues to expand across Pennsylvania, and so, too, does the opportunity for job growth in the region. The Pittsburgh Technology Institute recently broke ground on a new facility…


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Summary of January 2013 Tax Changes Affecting Natural Gas Landowners

In the wake of the “Fiscal Cliff” deal in early January, I’ve received numerous calls from owners of mineral rights asking how the new law will affect them.  I’ve put together the following summary to help mineral rights owners understand the recent legislation, known as the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.”


3.8% Medicare Surtax for Taxpayers with Income over $200,000 or $250,000.  The new 3.8% surtax will affect single taxpayers with income over $200,000 and…


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