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Electronic payables solutions like Oildex are helping businesses reduce paper consumption as well as processing time and costs

For decades energy companies have been awash in paper, with the desks of engineers and accountants piled high with invoices, field tickets, and purchase orders. As these companies have grown, so has the number and size of their business documents, as well as the cost to process them. The estimated price tag for a company to process a paper invoice (which… Continue

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How much should I ask for my lease

I life near Wilcox Pa. and i presently have 72 acres that hunt oil wants to lease.  They offered me 1400 dollars per acre and have not given me a royalty number yet.  I think that 1400 is way to low but I am not sure what to ask.  Neither am i sure about what to as for royalty price.

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Common Cause/NY Releases Report Reflecting Large Infusion of Money to Influence Policy Decisions on Hydrofracking

Common Cause/NY Releases Report Reflecting Large Infusion of Money to Influence Policy Decisions on Hydrofracking

Pro Industry Lobby Groups Outspend Those Opposing

Gas Drilling by 4-1


Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/NY:  "New York State's policies regarding hydrofracking will have a profound impact on the future of our state.  It is imperative that…


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Doddridge County Wv

I know that there is leasing and permitting going on in Doddridge County WV, what can I do to have Doddridge County added to the West Virginia Counties?? I have asked this question before with no response. I have personally signed leases (recently) with Chesapeake and EQT, so I know that there is activity going on. Why Exclude Doddridge from the list? Unless no one on this forum cares, and if thats the case than I will shut up. 

Arnold Stuart

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Division of Royalties

In one of the early landowner meetings held by Laser Pipeline, a representative of Cabot Oil said  that Royalties would be shared, depending upon the amount of land involved, by property owners within a mile from the drill sight.  Who and what determines the area.  How can a neighboring landowner get this information?  Is there a website that contains the answers to these questions?    Bob

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Kenyon Energy

Has anyone signed a contract with Kenyon Energy?

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