Anyone have information about or experience with Diversified Gas & Oil and how they operate?   I have read a recent article about their purchasing conventional wells from Alliance Petroleum and CNX Resources in Ohio, WV and Pennsylvania.  As a CNX landowner with wells in PA I have concerns.   Do they continue to operate these wells?   How do they pay royalties?  Do they spend money to maintain the wells?  How is the lease designed for deep gas rights?   Are they fair to work with as a landowner?   Do they have regional offices in Central PA?   Anyone with insights and comments is appreciated.  Thank you!!

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Because my Atlas well has been shut-in for more than a year, I sent an email to, an address that appeared on the bottom of my substitute 1099 for royalties from the last 4 months of 2016. I was surprised to get a reply from Tori Solomon, the customer relations person at Diversified Owner/Relations Support telling me that Diversified purchased my well along with all Titan assets in Ohio and Pennsylvania in July of 2017. This person seems helpful and responds quickly to questions. HOWEVER, when I looked at my well information on the ODNR Data Base, I was surprised to read that the well is owned by M & R Investments Ohio with a Birmingham, Alalbama address. Perhaps they own Diversified. I am surprised that well owners have not been notified of the change of ownership.

Kathi - are you saying you were never notified by DGO of their purchase of Atlas wells, and in particular,  your well?  Was your well shut-in after the sale?  Were you receiving royalties prior to the sale?   Has maintenance of your well continued after the sale?

There have to be a lot of other folks out there with this experience.  Please share how this transfer has affected your well maintenance and continuation of receiving gas royalties!!

I was not notified of the sale of my well which is interesting since my lease states that my written permission is required before a sale can be made. The well was shut-in approximately 6 months before the sale. The last royalties were paid before the well was shut-in but I didn’t cash those checks because I object to the fact that transportation costs were deducted which were prohibited in the lease. As for maintenance, the chart that should show production at the separator has not been changed for months with the blue and red flat lines getting darker and darker. Furthermore, the well head has been inaccessible by vehicle for months since several large trees fell over the road during a storm last Spring. Since that road was created as a well access road and leads to nothing else, we have not removed the trees believing that it was an Atlas responsibility.

i am interested in hearing what others have to say about the sale of the wells. I know that I need to talk to an attorney but am wondering if the fact that since all of the Atlas assets were sold as a block negates the requirement that I give written permission for my well to be sold. Also, if I do get the shut-in payment required by by lease, will cashing it indicate that I accept the other violations of the lease? Sometimes I wish that I had never signed a lease to begin with, although we worked hard to make it a good one, the stipulations of which have been ignored by the operators.

I had a reason to check my lease for this well at the Recorders office today and found that the transfer that Diversified said occurred in July of 2017 has yet to be recorded.

Following--I am in Northcentral PA (Tioga County)


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