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OH NO! What will the fractivist/anti's use for a poster town now? They'll have turn over even more rocks to look for an example. Pretty soon they will have run out of sources and maybe then we will have some peace from their idiotic chanting.

"OH NO! What will the fractivist/anti's use for a poster town now?"  Hummm...How about Sugar Run 30 miles east of Dimock. Methane gas is still bubbling up in the Susquehanna River there. Let me know if you need more.

Clearly Dimock was a lot of BS from the the movie gasland!

Yeah and there were a lot of explosions in Ithaca the day that news came out.  Maybe they have gas too.


Yes, please provide more. However, along with such a brief statement, how about providing factual supporting data for your allegations, including reputable studies that corroborate your examples.

Old news about the lid being blown off, that was proven false. Dig a little deeper and you will find out yourself.

With your directions, folks may have trouble locating Sugar Run, which is about 30 miles southwest of Dimock, PA. The town is located on the West branch of the Susquehanna River.

I maybe totally wrong, but the hole Dimock thing sounds like there have been a lot of people moving out of big cities that know nothing of rural living. On our farm there is a water well that was drilled in the forties or fifties that in 1994 I found to have methane migrating into it. It happened naturally and was of no major alarm. There had not been a O & G well fraced in the area for years.

As a child there had been a boy scout camp up the hollow in years past. There is a place nearby that my dad took a piece of aluminum tubing, drilled small holes near the top, drove it in the ground and lit it off.

These kinds of things are all over the county, but if you haven't been aware of them, you haven't been  to rural America much...... IMO

leftists are ensconced in our government. this whole shale discovery has caught them off guard and they are trying to catch up. the closer we get to the election the worse this stuff will get. aas the dcnr in pennsylvania stated,in their trying to taker over the pa. game commission in the 90's,'we can't have a bunch of rednecks in control of 6 billion dollars worth of oil and gas and timber rights' would now be more like 50 billion with the gas reserves. we either get the leftists out of our state dept, justice dept and our regulatory agencies or there will be a ken salazar in your back yard.


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