Reuters Reports Wilson is building Halcon up to put on the block!  Who will be the big play maker in Venango County??  Time will tell!

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This one will make more sense!   ;-)

Seems Halcon made an offer to Mercer county PA.


Understand by grapevine that Halcon offer in Mercer County Was $3850/acre and 18.5% royalty. Do not know if some of acreage subject to offer may have been in Venango County.

Saw on WKBN this morning that a meeting was held in Trumble County last night to distribute "Signing Bonus Checks" (15-18,000 total acres) from "Shale Investment Fund" out of Pittsburgh. The O & G company is Halcon! Gongrats to all of them and best wishes!

Anyone know how this came together? Was this a group? The bonus was ~$3,000/ acre. Not sure of the royalties.

Could not find info on this on GMS.

Seems these people have been paid. With recent events, this is key (along with a good overall lease).

Our interest is we are looking at the Mercer County, PA. offer (~27,000 total acres) of $3850/acre and 18.5% no deductions from Halcon.

Thanks for any info and good luck!

Interesting, That is the first I heard of a Trumble deal with Halcon.

Me to! Go to WKBN and see the video. And please, let me know if I missed something!  They are located in eastern Trumbull County in Fowler, and are neighbors of ours. I talked with him just before he was paid by Tri State -  Halcon. This seems like a real deal. The first large payment I have heard of in Trumbull county. His land, and the two permitted wells in Trumbull are very close to PA state line. Good luck to our PA neighbors with everything, but I still root against the Steelers.

I just tried the link listed above by D M but it did not work for me.

Try again, it worked fine for me. Nice story for these folks.

Halcon is making lease offers in Mahoning county for $4,650/acre.  



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