We have a Utica well in Tioga county Pa and are curious if it will be wet or just more dry gas?

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If the Thermal Maturity Map I have seen for the Utica is correct .... all of Tioga County is likely to be in the Dry Gas (to Overmature) window for the Utica.




I agree that with Jack. The maturity map is a bit old now and these lines are changing, but I dont believe this will change Tioga. The Wet Gas/Dry Gas line seems to be bending more to the east, but too early to tell for sure. One major factor appears to be total depth which eventually turns easterly and along the southern tier of NY. It will be interesting to see how these depth lines depict the play.

What do the red lines signify in the thermal image map mostly in the overmature region?

I believe those are fault lines.


This well is around 11,000 and 12,000 ft deep ant it is in both Uttica and Point pleasant


I take it that is limiting?

My guess is that, at that depth, the Utica in that area would be "overcooked". It may have dry gas, but definitely not wet gas.

So, how does a fault line impact well drilling. Looking at that rough map, it appears that there is a fault running through Tioga. My place appears to be west of the fault. I'm about three miles north of the 15-414 junction in Liberty.

Faults can have many different effects on development.  They are associated with more natural fractures which can increase rate/flow.  Or, the crushed-up fine particles within a fault zone can reduce production.  Faults can siphon off frac energy, or redirect it outside of the target interval.  They also represent potential drilling hazards as you may wind up drilling something other than your target.  Basically, faults add uncertainty, which is never good... but the end result isn't always bad.


A note on the map - those faults are some of the major structures, but there are MANY faults in NE Penn, especially in the Marcellus.  There is deformed salt in the region (see: Salina fm) that causes a lot of structuration.


Hope that helps some!



Your saying the prospects for my area are and will remain a well guarded secret that won't be apparent until my lease expires in 2016 I guess.

Exactly what does overcooked mean?. The well is said to have real high pressure at wellhead.

The same well pad also has a hortizontal into the Marcellus and they also went down and did a experimental into the Trenton. That was pver 12,000ft


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