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At 7:41pm on October 3, 2016, larryknpp9 said…

my property is in potter county i own 160 acres in west pike twp

At 9:00pm on September 18, 2016, Jackie said…
I am the NARO-Appalachia legislative chair. I would like to invite you and everyone on GMS to attend our convention Oct.30 at the Greenbrier. The keynote speaker is Alex Epstein, who wrote "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels". Please see the Appalachia page at NARO home page for info. Attorneys and CPAs can earn 12 hours CE by attending.
At 11:51am on July 15, 2016, Kathi Albertson said…
I'm trying to get accurate information re the good and bad having to do with an Energreen 360 project in Guernsey County that will neutralize radioactive drill cuttings to be used for fill for a building site. I have been told that this has been done successfully in Oklahoma and North Dakota. Can you tell me how to get into website like Gomarcellus in those states? Thanks for your help.
Kathi Albertson
At 2:49pm on June 1, 2016, Zach Butler said…

Just recently found this site. Appreciate your work here. Fam & friends have been approached by people looking for pipeline agreements and claim to be with ETP. Ever hear of them? I also posted in the county forum hope I did it correctly. 

At 5:01pm on April 1, 2016, Daniel Morris said…

I've signed up for ShaleCast at 5 different times. Every time I ask for a report, the site sends me to the "enter information" page. Is this some sort of Phishing scam?

Daniel Morris

At 4:14pm on March 3, 2016, JWE said…

Aubrey McClelland is dead.....apparent suicide

At 7:26pm on January 19, 2016, Rita Stone said…
Any news of drilling date in Oakland Twp, Butler County, Butler, PA? (30 miles north of Pittsburgh.)
At 8:27am on December 29, 2015, Daryl Brown said…

Hey good morning sir.  Appreciate the work you're doing here this is a great forum.

I wanted to alert you to a member named E. Marshall.  This person a scam artist.  They obtain your email then send you the proverbial "I'm in hiding from my dead husbands family who want to kill me and my children and need your help getting large inheritance out of the country"  You know that tired old line that is right up there with "Hey haven't I seen you somewhere before?"  Anyway she/he probably needs to be banished into the land of perpetual tickling but you're the boss here.

Thanks Keith

At 9:39am on November 3, 2015, Mrs. Botham said…

I am a concerned Greene county landowner whom is a part of the sandrock 6h unit.  Phone calls since July have done nothing.  Any new news about future royalty payments?  I have never even been paid any royalty payments but have been told there are funds to be released.  Any insight would be appreciated.

At 5:26pm on October 16, 2015, Martha Ann Murray said…

I am living in Oklahoma....and wondering if anyone knows anything about Springhill Township.  Any drilling going on?

At 8:12pm on July 23, 2015, Nancy said…
Hello Keith,
We are landowners in West Pike Run Washington County. We are under lease to Rice Energy. The wells have been drilled and we are waiting for the gas to go into production. Our lease was for 5 years with a one year extension if any activity was started. We are in that 6th year now with the 6 year ending in March 2016. We are being told that production will start in late 2015 or early 2016 with royalties to follow within 120 days. This may push us past the 6 year mark. Any thoughts on this.

At 8:36pm on July 2, 2015, Suzy said…
Hi Keith. I do apologize from my previous post. I have been on your other sites and have learned so much from everyone!!! I just love what you have done. Yes, I have been in the Tyler County one and it is wonderful.
Thank you for the follow up. Happy 4th!
At 9:42pm on June 8, 2015, Suzy said…

Hi, Been reading the questions on Your Wall but no responses from you? It seems that you are the Big Dog on The Porch but where does one find the responses?  I did join your group.  thanks. Suzy

At 4:40pm on May 4, 2015, Connie Jolly said…

Does anyone know if the McCoy well is producing?

At 7:40pm on March 28, 2015, Steve Crowe said…

Anyone one else at Hadley 8H get a tiny check from Southwestern. It is like 1/20th of the last one I got from Chesapeake?

At 2:14pm on February 25, 2015, joe long said…

how does pooling work?  if the well pad  is in another  pooling unit?

say thier is a well that has 3-4 650 acre pooling units in it  and my unit only has 1 leg in it  that is producing ,do i get payment from the 1 leg or do i get payment from all legs which are  are producing from well pad ?  i am confused on how this works ?   thanks in advace .

At 7:29am on February 6, 2015, Ed Camp said…

Hey Keith; Very important work related to landowners and well decline rates we are just about to publish.  You'll see it (2014 Volume 3) available in the next few days on Jim Willis' website

Let talk about a special offer to your users.



At 5:25pm on January 7, 2015, reba boso said…
Hi Keith,I need information about some land I get mineral rights I don't get much,but how do I find out if Chesapeake is planning to go deeper in the Utica? The property is located on silver hill av wetzel county.thank you
At 6:04pm on December 17, 2014, Jeff Kerr said…

Hi Keith Do you feel a 1.65 per mcf is right' that is what Rice is paying us. we went from 3.45 from Chesp on our last check from them. they sold our lease to rice in one month it dropped over 2.00 a mcf. and we were getting a little oil and LNG from Chesp. now Rice is saying its very dry now and not paying any thing on oil or NGL. Who sets the well head price any way. Rice took our unit over Aug. 1st of this yr. I wish Chesp. still had our lease  bet you don't hear that much. thank you  Jeff

At 6:06pm on November 25, 2014, Paul H. Dykes said…
Keith, in you September Weekly Shale you asked the question: Do you use an online portal to view your royalty income data?. This triggered my interest since I am in the process of adding CDEX electronic check data to my CDEX portal (
My long-term plan is to help interest owners identify Operators/Purchasers who are failing to pay the for all of the lease/well production. And I noticed that many of your posts cover this. Do you have any thoughts on what to look for when compare the electronic check data to electronic production data?

THis is a long comment I know, but I wanted to start the process basically to pick your brains on the subject.
Thank you,
Paul H. Dykes

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