Does anyone know why drilling companies can't get permits to drill under interstate highways in Ohio. I know drilling units near me are always drilled right to the edge of the interstate then abruptly stop near me. Also, I have land that's split in two by the interstate and there are wells on each end of my property on both sides of the interstate so I'm blocked in since no drilling can take place under I-70. I've been told this by multiple companies but I haven't been able to find out what government agency is blocking it. I talked to an inspector for the ODNR and he said it wasn't them. He said it might be the Ohio department of transportation or the federal government but he didn't know. I've been told that this could change soon but no one seems to know exactly what's going on with this?

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A class action on the basis the deep state of ODNR failed to implement public policy allowing and encouraging leasing where and when possible and the associated negative effects on adjacent landowners, whom would have reasonably expected the ODNR, or whomever beuarocrat in charge should have implemented public policy of leasing when such opportunities were available.  Now many associated landowners have been pigeon holed out of viable units and operations.

See below an email exchange I had with Elizabeth Roberto of the Oil & Gas Leasing Commission. She informed me of a meeting of the commission scheduled for November 6. I inquired if concerned non members could offer input at the meeting. She said no but they could email the members to explain their views & concerns before the meeting. I intend to do this and thought I'd mention this here so others who have an interest in this issue can voice their concerns to the members of the commission & perhaps make them realize that this is an issue of concern to many residents.

Please see the email correspondence below:


From: Roberto, Elizabeth
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2019 12:56 PM
To: John <>
Cc: george m. <>
Subject: RE: Oil and Gas Leasing Commission - Meeting Notice

Good afternoon,

While we welcome public attendance, the agenda for the meeting does not provide for public comments. However, if you would like to provide comments, can you send them to the Commissioners directly via their email addresses listed below:

Dr. Richard Shank -
Michael Wise -
Stephen Buehrer -
Matthew Warnock -
Mike Angle (Chair) -

Thank you,

Liz R. Roberto
Legal Administrator – Office of Legal and Legislative Services
2045 Morse Rd. Bldg. D-2
Columbus, Ohio 43229
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Office number: 614-265-6898

From: John <>
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2019 12:53 PM
To: Roberto, Elizabeth <>
Cc: george m  <>
Subject: RE: Oil and Gas Leasing Commission - Meeting Notice

Can Ohio residents have any input at your meeting or do they just listen to the commissioners discussion? Thanks.

John M.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 3:18 PM
Subject: Oil and Gas Leasing Commission - Meeting Notice

Good afternoon,

Please see attached meeting notice for the Oil and Gas Leasing Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 6th.

Thank you,

let's go!  if not,they will eat a few donuts ,drink some coffee, call it a meeting,and go home! 

I am going. Bo, if you are there, please introduce yourself as I think that we might be Salt Fork neighbors. I will probably be the only old lady with white hair.

This is what I'm emailing out to the commission members.:

I own 180 acres in Belmont County which is split in two by interstate 70 and on one end of the northern half thereis state land (Egypt Valley wildlife area). Because of being boxed in like this, my land has remained undeveloped for Oil & gas since there seems to be some prohibition from drilling under interstate highways or under state land.
This doesn't make sense since laterals from Utica gas wells are almost 8000 feet below the surface and there would be absolutely no environmental impact for the highways or state land as long as drill pads aren't located on the state property.
Also, the state is missing out on many millions of dollars in royalties & bonus money because of this prohibition.
I think it could only be a winning proposition for many state residents, gas well drilling companies, & the entire state & all it's residents if drilling could take place under these lands.

   I would guess that a more contentious matter would be having drill pads located on the surface of state lands & that there are probably environmental activists concerned with this. You only have to look at the example of the Muskingum Conservancy though to see how well allowing drilling has worked for them. There has been no noticeable environmental impact & they have an abundance of money which they are using to substantially improve their facilities with the money they have received.
   If you could, please look into this matter and see why this restriction exists & whether anything can be done to change it. Thank you.

John M.

Too little to late for many landowners already doughnut holed out of units over the past 10 years while the beaurocrats failed to act in the publics interest.   Many of these issues involve highways, and they surely know the gas companies don't want to put a well pad in the middle of a highway.    I wouldn't allow the crats to use that as an out for their gross delay on this matter.

Oh. I think I forgot to mention that the main topic of discussion at this meeting is going to be drilling under state land.

Yea, and now they have all these well pads right along the interstates with the laterals all heading away from the state lands. which means the state AND the property owners on the other side of the road are screwed out of all the $$$ they could be getting from royalties.and maybe never will see.  Same with Salt Fork state park. 21000 acres, I assume,if the topic is drilling under state lands,that the state park is just as important,or even moreso, as the interstates.

FWIW, I sent an email to all those identified. bounced back as unable to deliver.

I'm sorry. There should be a period between Michael & Wise

Ah, thank you. I didn't even look -- just copy & paste. Mr. Wise will now also get an email from me.

Hope that helps. Once the state decides to lease their minerals under Salt Fork,and under I-70; watch out, let the new leasing/drilling begin! from I-77 to Antrim.from newcomertown to Caldwell/east to summerfield. port Washington. yeehaw


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