Does anyone know why drilling companies can't get permits to drill under interstate highways in Ohio. I know drilling units near me are always drilled right to the edge of the interstate then abruptly stop near me. Also, I have land that's split in two by the interstate and there are wells on each end of my property on both sides of the interstate so I'm blocked in since no drilling can take place under I-70. I've been told this by multiple companies but I haven't been able to find out what government agency is blocking it. I talked to an inspector for the ODNR and he said it wasn't them. He said it might be the Ohio department of transportation or the federal government but he didn't know. I've been told that this could change soon but no one seems to know exactly what's going on with this?

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When directional drilling was in its infancy, unscrupulous operators would purposely directionally drill across lease lines into prolific reservoirs to steal oil. This practice was outlawed long ago.

The Oil company that I started engineering for 37 years ago yesterday was Amoco Production Company. They held leases under the ground that is now Denver International Airport.The vertical wells were plugged and abandoned; new wells were later directionally drilled under the airport. Amoco (which became BP America Production Company 20 years ago), re-drilled the wells and hydraulically fractured them. The reservoir there was very low permeability, fine-grained sandstone. BP sold these leases many years ago.



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