Have you received an offer to buy your minerals? What State/County/Township are you in?

I'm in Ohio/Noble/Marion and continue to receive offers.  14 so far by mail, and another arrived yesterday.  Post your information and I'll draw a map of "mineral interest".    Have your offers increased, remained constant, or stopped coming?  Just curious, and it might be fun.  Thanks.

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Forgot to say the offer was for 8,500 leased.

Busy Bee:   What Township are you in?   Monroe, North, Rumley, German?  Those are the Northern Townships of Harrison County.   Are you close to Bowerston, Scio, Jewett....?  

I'm drawing a map of offers and am curious where the offers are concentrated/what "window" they are in...that kind of thing.   One might guess that the guys making the offers might have better information about the "sweet spots" than we mere mortals do, since they are closer to the industry and are investing some real $$$.    Thanks to everyone who is participating.  It's already getting interesting, and the more data points, the more complete the picture becomes.  900+ views so far.  If you are reading GMS and haven't registered.....  please register and participate.  Let me know if you have or haven't got an offer.

Ohio/Belmont/Somerset twp.

I can't remember the name of the firm initiating the offer, but the terms stated $5,000.00/acre up to $8,000.00/acre. I think based on the NGL production rates as well as the natural gas (with~ 1250-70 btu content) rates coming out of my area this is a rather laughable offer. 

I  own some land in Parker Twp, Butler County in Pa. And I received aleast three offer for my oil rights on my land Since my lease is about to run out in Aug. But I received one today that has the same thing as the rest , asking for me if I was  interest in selling my rights. The only thing different with and it got my interest is this one they mention Life Estate in which I would maintain possession of my  land  till I die at they could have ownership of all or parts of it Has anybody out their heard of this. In my situation I basicly have no heirs for my land so when I die either the state or cousin get it. Has anybody have and dealing with this kind of thing.


Yes. I have a number of clients who have constructed deals this way and would be more than happy to walk you through what it looks like, what it'll mean to you, and how you/they will benefit from the arrangement. In some situations they certainly make sense, but it's definitely something this is custom to each individual situaiton. It sounds like you're already thinking about the right things but I still think it'd be better to chat or e-mail about it if you're interested.

Strategic Land Partners LLC out of Allison Park Pennsylvania. Offer is up to 8500/acre...minimum 10 acres.

I am between the Buell and the Henderson well fairly close to lower clear fork . I hope this helps .

Good enough.   The Buell is in Archer and the Henderson is next door in Stock.  Appreciate the info.


Hiker - got a ton of letters last year but i burned them.....dont recall exact offers but nothing spectacular....stock/nottingham border, harrison.

That's a great area.  The offers are likely to be very high at this point.

agreed.........very close to the boyscout.......maybe i will seek some offers and see what they come back with........i have some leased, some unleased.


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