We had a guy come here the other day wanting to put a temporary water line across my property to get to a well for fracking. My question is what is the going rate on price per foot for a above ground temporary water line? There are actually 3 or 4 wells around me they are starting on now. They said they don't want to deal with a few people around me and they needed our property. Anyone know the answer?

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Creagle, if you'd like me to put a counter offer together for you let me know.

I can agree on the rental. I had customer who had a ROW in Western Indiana Gary area, that the original ROW agreement was foro 20 years and the language included that the ROW would be compensated at current market value when renewed. Well, after reviewing it and putting a value on it. The pipeline company shit their pants, after arbitration my client ended up getting 1.2 million for these pipelines that went thru their property.

I don't disagree with anything above; all good advice.  I have worked out two of these; I found the company was flexible and agreed to what I asked.  The water line was to cross about 2700 feet of our property, so it was worth my while to get it right.  For example, they were crossing mostly hayfields, so they agreed to run it next to my fence line so it wouldn't interfere with  me harvesting hay.  They agreed to place their pump close to where the water line would cross a county road, so they wouldn't have to rut up our fields to fuel and service the pump.  They agreed to language to repair any damage to our property.  Don't be afraid to ask for these kind of things.  It's your property, after all.  I had my attorney involved, so it cost me a bit, but I ended up getting $4 per foot and slept easy at night. Everything went without a hitch.  I was burned on another, though.  I later negotiated another one with a different company for a different wellpad.  We got all the amendments we wanted along with the price we wanted, payable when they ran the line.  The problem was, they ended up not running the line.  We got no payment, but still had a legal bill of several hundred dollars.  I'm done with that; if any company approaches us for something other than an oil & gas lease or a pipeline ROW, where legal fees are built into the payment, we ask them to sign an agreement to pick up our legal bills if the project doesn't happen.  So far, no takers, and that is fine with us.

Joe,    It's good to hear that You were wise to cover all the possibilities by using legal assistance. 

I remember Jeff Rokisky saying on one of his TV presentations that certain pipelines were worth $60 per foot. Every Citizens that gets a fair shake, increases the amount of money in the State and Federal Tax coffers, allowing All of us to keep more of Our money, instead of paying an unnecessary Gas Tax we now pay.

When the County Courthouses are cleared of the corrupt, the Real Estate taxes will be deleted or reduced since the sales tax and Real Estate Tax money we pay will no longer be stolen.

Overcharging landowners Real Estate Taxes then foreclosing is a plan and a scam for the governments to own Our Mineral Rights.

That will soon come to a screeching halt. Ohio has 54 and probably more since I last checked, Land Banks using Our Tax money to buy Our land, "politically tied to the state" per audit reports. Land Reutilization LLCs now exist in the County, whose land were they going to Re-utilize/Re-purpose? It would have been County Landowners potential Wealth.

They never thought hilary would lose, now comes the pain of Justice from the New Sheriff in Town, Donald J. Trump & Company.

Creagle, also. This should be per line and a maxim size pipe. a two inch pipe takes up less space then a 12 inch etc...

I helped a gentleman in pa with his so that he was paid per pipeline that came across his property in the end the buried 5 lines and he was paid 12,000.00 each time. crop damage etc...

This could also be set up as a monthly fee since it's temporary pipe.

So 2ft x 4 = 8 so that's per sq ft x 250 = 1,000.00  a month. They want it they will pay it.

You need a per width deal.


Workspace to lay it down.

Damages, including seeding, restoration, tree damages etc...

They should pay for survey.

I talked to my father about a ROW a huge water project he did in Michigan for a buried line and they paid a one time fee of 25 dollars a foot.

Hit me up I'd be willing to help you out nothing in it for me.

$3.00 a foot is what they will pay. The contract is for 6 months. Every 6 months they pay again. What we didn't know was they don't pay until water is running through the temp pipes. The pipe has laid on the property for about 2 or 3 weeks and we are not getting paid. My husband was told after the fact that they don't pay until the water is flowing. Which is crap because on my property and an inconvenience for me. They put it where my target range is and I can't shoot.

If that's what your contract says then that's how they will pay you.  Otherwise, tell them they are being noncompliant with the contract, if they are, and if so if it were me, I'd demand it be removed until payment is made.  If it were me and they were noncompliant with the payment provision of the contract I would remind them I have a tractor capable of dragging the pipeline to the curb.  Others here on GMS may suggest visiting an attorney to help you with your options.


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