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PUC Decision Clears Way to Finish Mariner East 2 and Treesitter Is Jailed

A Pennsylvania PUC decision, combined with the well-deserved jailing of radical tree sitter Ellen Gerhart spell the end of the campaign against Mariner East.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) yesterday voted 3-2 to allow construction to resume on the Mariner East 2 and 2x pipelines in West Whiteland Township, Chester County (near Philadelphia), ending a weeks-long stoppage specific only to that area. The shutdown began in May…


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U.S. Achieves Biggest CO2 Reduction by Any Nation in the World in 2017

No other nation in the world has accomplished as much as the US in CO2 reduction, thanks to the shale revolution and the avoidance of the renewables trap.

The United States announced its intentions to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement last year, but still reduced its carbon dioxide emissions more than any other country in the world in 2017. In fact, it was the ninth time in this century that the United States has had the largest reductions in carbon…


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Where Will New York and New England Get Their Energy This Winter?

Iran is in the throes of a possible revolution. Venezuela is on the edge of collapse. So are New York and New England thinking about energy sources? Nah.

On Monday, President Trump announced he was prepared to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at any time and any place without preconditions. “I’d meet with anybody,” Trump said. “I believe in meetings”.

As with North Korea, Trump’s about-face confused many. The week before Trump had threatened…


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Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Impact Fees Are Up; Don’t Mess with Them!

The impact fees Pennsylvania receives from shale drilling have jumped up a whopping 21% and will be distributed to all counties across the Commonwealth.

We hear Governor Tom Wolf talk about Pennsylvania adopting a severance tax to ensure natural gas producers are paying their fair share. What he fails to say is, natural gas drillers are already paying their fair share through the existing Act 13 impact fee. Since 2012, when the impact fee was enacted, nearly…


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Senator Andy Dinniman Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Harass Mariner East

Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman used taxpayer funds to hire a Delaware Riverkeeper law firm to help him fight the Mariner East before the state PUC.

The Mariner East 2 pipeline project is 98% complete with final reclamation already underway but Andy Dinniman, a State Senator from Southeast Pennsylvania, is pretending he can kill it for the sake of milking votes from NIMBY and special interest constituents. He wants his last ounce of demagogic…


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Why Does Geisinger Continue to Advance Fractivist Junk Science?

Turned down for funding by the gas industry, Geisinger continues to seek revenge with junk science studies funded through NIH and its own pet funder.

Geisinger Health Systems has been helping advance one fractivist junk science study after another, the latest being an attempt to implicitly link fracking with depression and…


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#BaltimoreKnows? Baltimore Conspires with #ExxonKnew Trial Lawyers

Just one day after a federal judge dismissed the ExxonKnew lawsuits from a few major cities, Baltimore decided its cash-strapped city should give it a go.  

Baltimore is home to the curious. With a rich history of just being plain weird and relishing that weirdness in many fun ways, it is no wonder it is the landmark homestead of Edgar Allan Poe, The Hampdenfest Toilet Bowl Race where racers ride a toilet bowl downhill, the Honfest where people bring back the…


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