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Steingraber Shameless Supports Sham Health Clinic

Sandra Steingraber and other anti-fracking true-believers have built careers around promoting junk science of the “it’s a fact that it’s a possibility” sort, a variant on the old guilt by association trick. They’re at it again.

An anti-fracking guest viewpoint article appeared the other day in the Elmira Star-Gazette and other Gannett newspapers upstate. It was authored by Sandra Steingraber (a well known commodity in these parts who uses natural gas to heat her home and then preaches…


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Kathleen "Ellie" Kane vs. XTO

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, described as being on a “high-speed political train,” may be angling to run for governor already. Regardless, her attempt to attach criminality to a limited impact incident that was either an innocent error, or a case of vandalism, is shameless.

Kathleen Kane is described in a piece as a “high-speed” politician, one whose campaign slogan, ironically, was ”I’m a prosecutor, not a politician.” That article details a long list of…


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Pipeline Will Be A Jobs Machine

The Constitution Pipeline represents a very special job opportunity for upstate New York, one that dwarfs all those trendy schemes planners and supposed visionaries keep floating. It’s time to get practical, drop the fantasy agendas and do some real economic development.

If you’re looking for a job in Otsego County, prepare for the worst. Opportunities in the classified ads are limited. The “Big Box” stores will take your application, add it to the pile. The jobs are mostly part time,…


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PIDX Elects Oildex Leadership to Executive Committee

Energy Technology Expert Michael Weiss Elected to serve on PIDX’s Executive Committee as an At-Large Executive Committee Member


DENVER and HOUSTON, September 12, 2013 – PIDX, the global forum for developing and publishing oil and gas electronic business standards, and Oildex, the innovator of cloud-based smart information management solutions for the energy industry, are pleased to…


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Drill Now While We Still Own It

Vic Furman says all manufacturing is not equal and we’re not going to see a revival of it that actually produces good jobs unless we focus on oil and natural gas, the one bright sector of the economy producing both blue and white-collar employment.

I keep hearing arguments that jobs are returning from foreign countries back to America’s soil but I don’t hear too many people explaining why we’re still falling…

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Youngstown Held Hostage

Youngstown is being held hostage by a band of radicals forcing it to vote over and over again on an extremist measure called a “Community Bill of Rights” that is aimed at frustrating capitalism, jobs and development of natural gas that 88% of the city uses.

Less than four months ago, the voters of Youngstown, Ohio soundly rejected a “Community Bill of Rights” that would have banned natural gas development in that city of 65,000 people.  The referendum margin, at…


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Yes, Virginia, "Water Is Life" But...

Ammonia? One cannot attend an anti-fracking event without seeing one of those simplistic, moralizing “Water Is Life” signs ignoring the reality we can’t live on water alone either. Nick Grealy offers some much needed perspective on other things that make for life these days – things made with natural gas, things like ammonia.

As gas opponents repeat the simple mantra “keep all fossil fuels in the ground”, few of us realize the world fertilizer industry has been putting natural gas…


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An Open letter to the DRBC

Grace Wildermuth asks "Why is it the Delaware River Basin Commission takes note of the needs of everyone but those who actually in the upper Delaware River basin, the folks who actually have to make a living there?"

Delaware River Basin Commission,

You might be thinking what special title or wisdom do I have that makes me think that you, the Commissioners of the Delaware River Basin Commission, will care what I have to say. And the answer is none. But you seem to have taken…


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Cornell Survey Biased

Some residents of Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier and New York’s Southern Tier received an opinion survey from Cornell University this week regarding “fracking.” It was constructed to appear unbiased, but is far from it.

A questionnaire distributed by Cornell University this week illustrates the subtle bias found in so much of academia and in superficial public opinion surveys. I have no doubt the researchers are sincere and believe they have constructed an objective research tool, but…


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NGL - The Future

Natural gas liquids (NGL) holds the potential to revive American manufacturing and achieve American energy independence with economic benefits that are distributed nationwide to both rural and urban residents.

Many people, including me, have, in the last few days, been quoting from the recently released IHS report entitled America’s New Energy Future: Manufacturing Renaissance Report, which produced some pretty astounding data regarding the impact of unconventional oil and gas…


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One Pennsylvanian's Take on Natural Gas

Natural gas development does affect the real lives of real people and in largely positive ways, as this Bradford County, Pennsylvania landowner relates in telling her experiences.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people involved with the natural gas industry for coming to Northeastern Pennsylvania and providing our local people with jobs, more income and great opportunities for education, not to mention its donations to local organizations."…


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Shale Gas Changes Everything but Minds of Cynics

Nick Grealy suggests shale gas cynics and pessimists such as Art Berman are latched onto by green ideologues as straws to be grasped in a last desperate struggle to forestall the change, but what cannot be stopped won’t be.

It’s been a theory of mine for a while that the industry should present the sudden emergence of shale gas and oil as a product not only of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, but also as a tech issue. That could be one way of raising people’s hopes and…


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How NIMBY Opponents Cost Us All

Contributor, Jim Willis, at Marcellus Drilling News (MDN), has laid out over time just how the NIMBY world was able to temporarily deny UGI and cost us all. Here are four excerpts from his continuing coverage of what should have been a non-issue.

PA Utility Announces Second NatGas Rate Cut This Year

May, 2012: On March 1, a little over two months ago, UGI Penn Natural Gas, a utility which serves approximately 158,000 customers in 13 counties in northeastern and central…


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Gov. Cuomo: Running Scared of Big Liars Is No Way to Lead

Bryant LaTourette says Governor Andrew Cuomo has surrendered New York State’s future out of fear of big fracking lies being told by a combination of amateur and professional propagandists, demonstrating he’s a leader unwilling to lead.

Not even Snake Plisskin could save our governor today. He’s an incurable appeaser. And, he’s running scared of big fracking lies; sacrificing our pride, our land, our youth, our spirit and the greatest economic opportunity New York State ever had in a…


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