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Here’s Why Crude Oil Stocks Haven’t Bottomed Yet

By Justin Spittler

Oil companies are hemorrhaging money. The oil market is in its worst downturn in decades. The price of oil has plummeted 72% since June 2014. Oil is trading below $30 a barrel for the first time since 2003.

If you’ve been reading the Dispatch, you know the world…


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New Feature: Compare your prices

New Feature: Compare your prices!…


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Noble Energy Cuts Stock Divdends

According to Marcellus Drilling News, Noble Energy - a major player in the Marcellus/Utica, has announced plans to cut dividend payments for its common stock by 44%. In addition, they will also be lowering their 2016 Capex by 50%, meaning less drilling and completion activity will take place in 2016 than we saw in 2015.  

This move, however, is not unique to Noble Energy. Over the last several weeks we have seen many operators such as Chesapeake and Rex Energy suspending stock…


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Trump is Wrong: Repeal the ethanol mandate

This OpEd originally appeared in the QCtimes.com…


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Lawyer Retainers & Agreement Contracts

     Here’s what you need to look for when signing a lawyers contract. I’ve seen a few of these including the TV Lawyers contracts that advertise “You Don’t Pay If We Don’t Win”.

A lawyers’ contract should be short and concise since lawyers write contracts as part of their daily work and they have been trained in the art of writing contracts. There should be no need to interpret what they have written.

When looking for a lawyer take a copy of their contract home and read it…


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How Saudi Arabia and OPEC are Manipulating Oil Prices

About eighteen months ago the international price of WTI Crude Oil, at the close of June 2014, was …

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Weak gas infrastructure fueling Utica's struggles

"So, when drillers elsewhere were getting maybe $2.75 per mcf for their gas, in Ohio: “On July 4, I saw Utica gas sell for 64 cents,” said Ohio Oil and Gas Association executive vice president Shawn Bennett in a recent interview.

To be fair, that’s a strikingly painful price, even for the Utica. But that same day in mid-July, Bennett looked up the price of Utica gas while the Henry Hub price was $2.80, and found that Ohio drillers were only getting about $1.12 for their gas. That’s…


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Government Officials That You Can Contact About Ohio’s Fraud

US Department Of Justice     http://www.justice.gov/contact-us

1)    US Attorney General Lynch

2)    Fraud FBI Corporate Fraud Hotline 888-622-0117

3)    Report Other Fraud or Public Corruption

Call FBI Hotline 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324)

4)    Report…


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Understanding How Chesapeake Energy Is Shorting Royalty Payments

Breeze through the 49 pages of how & why Chesapeake is making ADJUSTMENTS to the Suessenbach Family LP Royalties. Hey, they are doing the same thing at Buck Well 1H. I'm sure this is limited to only a few wells......NOT!!!







SUESSENBACH, individually and on

behalf of all…


Added by Ron Hale on June 29, 2015 at 5:30pm — 4 Comments

More Southern Iraq Oil is Starting to Hit the Markets

For the last 10 years, the oil industry in Iraq has been under intense pressure from jihadist insurgents and many leading oil producers were force to pull out of the region because of fears of safety for their workers, and the locals that lived in the areas according to Energy in Asia.

However, things have begun to change in the South of Iraq, especially in the oil-rich fields of North Rumaila which,…


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Alternate Fracking and Wastewater Treatment Methods


In researching this subject, I discovered a January 16, 2011 article featured in OilOnLine which provides an interesting alternative to conventional fracking techniques.  Virginia based PDN Mountaineer, LLC announded that they have partnered with Utah based Purestream Technology in incorporating their Trilogy system to treat and purify wastewater from their Marcellus operations.  Purestream claims to be able to alleviate the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing by…


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Understanding the Basics of Ohio Geology

The Trenton Limestone:

The Trenton Limestone and accompanying Black River rocks are important in that they serve as the source for much or all hydrocarbon formation in the Appalachian basin. Generally speaking, the Trenton Limestone serves as a cap rock for the underlying Black River source rocks. Because it is not as thick here in Ohio, it has allowed hydrocarbons formed by the Black River group to migrate naturally into the Utica/Pt. Pleasant. To the East, in West Virginia…


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Column: Saudi Arabia and New Mexico: oil price threat

Article cover image

Column: Saudi Arabia and New Mexico: oil price threa…


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Chesapeake Energy Royalty Statement Decoded

*Oil, Gas and Natural Gas Liquids are sold well below market value to Affiliate (Chesapeake Energy) then a royalty is paid. The product is then sold on open market for a fair market price. An investigation will show that all royalty paying sales by CHK are by the same route, a bogus sale. The Royalty Statement admits to this activity which fits the definition of Theft By Deception per Ohio Revised Code.

*Natural Gas is used by Chesapeake free of charge as stated on Royalty statement.… Continue

Added by Ron Hale on November 7, 2014 at 12:12pm — 4 Comments

Too Much Clay? Chill Out. Why Cryogenic Fracturing May Be the Answer


Almost without exception, today’s shale wells are stimulated using water-based fracturing fluids (slickwater).  This technique is popular due to its ability to transport proppant effectively at a relatively inexpensive cost.  However, it is a magnet for criticism from environmentalists, who are concerned about the incredible volume of water needed as well as the resulting contaminated wastewater which must be treated and disposed of properly.   Water use is often cited as one of the…


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Rice Energy Lease Bonus Payments

Hi - Received an offer from Rice Energy which shows 1/2 bonus paid in 75 days and balance paid one-year from signing. Does anyone know if Rice Energy is normally agreeable to other bonus payment schedules that would better benefit the landowner (like maybe 1/2 in 75 days + 1/2 in 3 months)? Am worried they would not pay the second installment when it comes due. Any advice on this is welcomed!

Added by Suzy on September 19, 2014 at 3:44pm — 2 Comments

Holbrooke storage field

Signed a lease with a company in November of last year. We are the mineral/royalty owners. We were told that the landowners get the signing bonus and we get only royalties. The last thing we were told is that there is no time frame when we would get our royalties and that drilling is being held up by the Holbrooke storage field. They obviously knew this before they had us sign a lease because there has been litigation over the storage field since 2012. Anyone know what gives? We are ready to… Continue

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A Unique Energy Problem for America


Houston and the rest of the U.S. Gulf Coast have more crude oil than the region can handle.

Stockpiles in the region centered on Houston and stretching to New Mexico in the west and Alabama in the east rose to 202 million barrels in the week ended April 4, the most on record, Energy…


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Shake and Bake: the advent of the resting period

Chesapeake released some quite interesting news during their first quarter 2012 conference call.  Apparently they discovered, entirely by accident, another factor impacting production numbers on their OH Utica completions.  When the Buell Well was drilled in Harrison County, a minor problem prohibited them from immediately completing it.  The unintended resting period allowed much of the water and frack fluid to dissipate prior to completion.  Their Carroll County wells, drilled…


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Chesapeake's French Connection May be Coming to an End

On November 4, 2011, Chesapeake announced a joint venture agreement whereby they agreed to sell part of its holdings in the Utica Shale for $2.3 B.  The announcement claimed that CHK would get $649 M from an undisclosed buyer in exchange for a 25% interest in 650,000 acres in Ohio's wet gas and volatile oil window.  It's partner, Enervest, would receive $90 M in cash.  Further, the buyer, now disclosed as France's TOTAL SA, agreed to pony up $1.5 B toward Chesapeake's drilling…


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