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Power Thirsty River Basin Commissions Out of Control

River basin commissions created by compacts to coordinate water resource planning have become greedy bureaucratic empires thirsty for ever more control.

There is battle for sovereignty going on this country between states and river basin commissions they created long ago to jointly develop water resources. It’s like a scene out of that old movie 2001, where a computer named Hal suddenly assumes control over its makers. River basin commissions such as the ones…


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Can hardly wait for the 9:00 TV programming tonight

I am going to have my fire extinguisher and shovel beside of my chair.

All news reporters are agreeing that fire and crap will be tossed back and forth tonight. A few reporters were at a loss for words to describe what they might see.  It has even been suggested that one of the main speakers might not even show up. Or if they do, might really stick their foot in a cow pasture full of....well you know what cow pastures are dotted with.  Well we will…


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In Gas Drilling Country, the Honeymoon Is Over on Royalties

In Gas Drilling Country, the Honeymoon Is Over on Royalties


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FYI>>VERY IMPORTANT TO READ>>>I have been watching all the discussions about the deductions for the checks and have some IMPORTANT info to contribute...we live in Bradford county in the Towanda, Dushore area and in July we organized a meeting of about 100 Neighbors and our Commissioners Doug Mclinko,Daryl Miller and Ed Bustin and Sen Scott Wagner (28th Dist ..York) Landed his helicopter in our front yard…


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Has anyone whose lease with Gulfport  that will expire been contact by Eclipse

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Need Help with a Legal Issue in Ohio

My family has a 200 acre interest in a 2000+ acre pooled venture that has been on hold because the largest property holder within the group is in a dispute with a small area mineral rights holder. This property holder is basically trying to use the law take the mineral rights from this small holder. So far the mineral rights holder has held on in court, but the property holder refuses to deal and has a "all or nothing" stance. It looks like the mineral rights holder can’t or won’t sign on to…


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What is the Panhandle Import Restriction Initiative and why is it important you support it! (PIRI)

What is the Panhandle Import Restriction Initiative? (PIRI)

The website is here->…


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pooled units

Are there any advantages to being part of a 800-900 acre pooled unit in the Utica? Are the royalties any better?

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Here’s why some insiders doubt the Halliburton & Baker Hughes deal will close

After the close of trading on Friday, Halliburton released a statement saying the release of full earnings is postponed to May 3 from Monday, April 25, citing the deadline for the Baker Hughes deal as the reason.

They announced the merger in November 2014 in a deal now worth roughly $25 billion in a…


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Oil price recovery on its way: New report

Scanning the newspapers, social media and analyst coverage this year, there is consensus that a recovery in oil prices is coming, as a function of a reduction in over-supply, and that upward movement in prices should be expected later this year,…


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OPEC Died in Qatar

“Five brothers” versus “seven sisters”

More than half a century ago, five major oil producing countries – Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – agreed to work together to deprive seven transnational companies – Exxon, RD / Shell, Texaco, Chevron,…


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Don't make my mistake...

I began getting offers for my land a few years back. I had spoken with friends of mine who had also received offers and decided to lease their property out well "the getting was good". I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to hold out as long as possible (after all the price can only go up right?). 

To make a long story short, the well that was in my area turned out to be a fluke and my mineral rights are worthless now. I could have been a couple hundred grand richer, but I…


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Making contact to Jackie Root

Right now my interest is making contact with Jackie Root. Ed and his wife Carolyn clued Jackie in as to the unique situation we have concerning a 1972 lease.

In 1972 My father leased the land with the idea that leased payments could help with taxes.  I was trying to establish a dairy but as often happens other things went awry. Since the property has been in the family a very long time......long before my birth, it…


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Upstream Vs. Downstream in Oil and Gas

'What is the difference between upstream and downstream in oil and gas?'

As upstream continues to face a challenging operating environment and opportunities open up in other segments of the industry, we've seen this question asked over again - whether on Linkedin or within our…


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Hope for greater U.S. security through energy

By Keith Mauck

Today's headlines are fearsome. Yet amid the bad news, there is hope for greater U.S. security through energy. 

Gone are the days of stressing over OPEC and oil-supply disruptions; that 40-year nightmare is over. Today, we're experiencing an oil and natural gas boom that promises to strengthen the country. 

Rising U.S. crude production generates huge economic benefits. Oil…


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Adherence to gas leases

We own a tract of land that has had a gas lease since the middle 70's.  It was renewed and had a Coal Bed Methane Lease added to the original along with modifications to the original gas lease in 2008.  We conducted an audit in 2014 that actually did not start until 2015.   Much to our surprise we found the lease had been totally mismanaged, and the terms of the lease were not being followed.  Things such as royalties were being paid to the wrong person,  Deductions were being taken that…


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Here’s Why Crude Oil Stocks Haven’t Bottomed Yet

By Justin Spittler

Oil companies are hemorrhaging money. The oil market is in its worst downturn in decades. The price of oil has plummeted 72% since June 2014. Oil is trading below $30 a barrel for the first time since 2003.

If you’ve been reading the Dispatch, you know the world…


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New Feature: Compare your prices

New Feature: Compare your prices!…


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Noble Energy Cuts Stock Divdends

According to Marcellus Drilling News, Noble Energy - a major player in the Marcellus/Utica, has announced plans to cut dividend payments for its common stock by 44%. In addition, they will also be lowering their 2016 Capex by 50%, meaning less drilling and completion activity will take place in 2016 than we saw in 2015.  

This move, however, is not unique to Noble Energy. Over the last several weeks we have seen many operators such as Chesapeake and Rex Energy suspending stock…


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Power Thirsty River Basin Commissions Out of Control

Posted by Thomas J Shepstone on June 24, 2017 at 5:00am 0 Comments

River basin commissions created by compacts to coordinate water resource planning have become greedy bureaucratic empires thirsty for ever more control.

There is battle for sovereignty going on this country…



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