Ok, over a year ago, Ohio formed an Oil&gas commission to deal with state mineral rights leasing issues. They chose a handfull of people to run the show. Had a couple meetings, then virtually went MIA. No news now for a year. Are they getting paid to do something? Are they doing anything? Doesn't the ohio taxpayers deserve to get some news of their dealings? I assumed, when it was formed, that the state would eventually be leasing their oil&gas rights under state parks and interstates.Many,many dollars for the state. Surely they could use the $$$. many more well sites become possible, and a lot of producing wellpads can drill more wells in the opposite direction. Does anyone know anything about this commission's activity? Is their somewhere online to get info about it? 

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If that's the case, I can see a lot of forcepooling cases coming in the future. the question was,bytheway, what is happening with the Ohio Oli&gas commission.? Are they still working, or just using up taxpayer $$$?

Not sure if this is what your looking for but here is a page from ODNR


It’s actually the Oil and Gas Leasing Commission. See ORC 1509.71.

They sure changed their tune.  Years ago at a Smith-Goshen landowners meeting, long before Rice signed everyone, they had a guest speaker from the State.  At that time the State was exited about leasing.  They had a plan in place to take all the leased minerals and signing bonuses from under the state highways and put the money into the road improvement fund in the counties leased.  More impressive, they were going to take proceeds from leases under the state parks and put half the money back into the park that was leased and the other half into the general parks budget to improve all state parks.   It seems Columbus didn’t like the idea that they wouldn’t get the funds. 

Last thing I read was, the state was waiting on the feds, and what they decide to do about leasing under the Wayne national forest. Then model their leasing plan after that. This was supposedly going to happen this fall. I'm thinking environmentalists ,and elections come into play.

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wrong, yet again Ron.

Let me sum this up.  Ohio Oil and Gas Commission on this hasn't $hit, meaning they have no finished product on the matter.


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