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Forgotten Men and Women of Canadian Energy Industry Protest

The forgotten men and women of the Canadian energy industry are mad as hell and not taking it anymore. They’re protesting in their trucks and it’s spreading.

Whenever I go to New York City, which is as seldom as possible, I drive. My vehicle is a Ford F-150 and, although it’s the most popular one in America, I stand out like a shiny red apple in a basket of lemons. At least that’s the analogy I favor, though some would suggest otherwise. If I wear on my…


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Has Vera Scroggins Flipped? Now Supports Pipelines?

Something strange has happened. It seems Vera Scroggins has flipped, dropping her pipeline opposition. Is it so, or is she just trapped by her own illogic?

The Susquehanna Independent carried a highly unusual letter to the editor the other day from none other than Vera Scroggins, a frequent NaturalGasNOW commenter and subject. A friend sent me a clipping of…


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Jennifer Huntington: The Forgotten Woman We Can’t Forget

Jennifer Huntington has left us. She was the plaintiff, and victim, the forgotten woman, in the Middlefield, New York home rule case, who we’ll not forget.

Jennifer Huntington was a remarkable individual. She was a dairy farmer, and a very innovative one. She owned the Cooperstown Holstein farm in the Town of Middlefield in Otsego County, New York. …


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Natural Gas Production Booming in US, Making Us Energy Dominant

The golden age of natural gas production is on the horizon, yet to come, but an awesome sight already, with U.S. natural gas reserves up an incredible 36%.

The Energy Information Administration recently released its reserves report, noting that proven reserves of natural gas increased 36 percent to 464.3 trillion cubic feet—a record that…


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The Shale Revolution Unleashed and the Appalachian Miracle

The latest data from the Energy Information Administration depicts an Appalachian miracle. The shale revolution has revitalized rural and urban areas alike.

The EIA’s “Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production” report for October, 2018 is out and one…


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