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Andrew "Corruptocrat: Cuomo Tells Us Exactly Who He Is

It was no slip of the tongue or mistake. It was deliberate. He meant it. He wanted to shock his audience so as to stand out from his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon. He wanted to tell the radical leftists who sway so much of what happens in New York that he will never be outflanked in their rankings. He lied to attract their votes when he said “America was never that great” and he did so because he’s a craven politician.…


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The Lure of Judicial Activism for Environmental Extremists

Fractivists and other “keep-it-iin-the-ground” folks cannot resist the lure of judicial activism and neither can some judges, which is why they pursue it.

When it comes to legal strategy, the “Keep It in the Ground” folks are taking their cue from Frank Sinatra’s hit song “High Hopes” about a “silly old ram [who] thought he’d punch a hole in a dam.” Against all logic and multiple courtroom losses, they keep launching the same fatally flawed argument—that the…


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A Rocky Mountain High for Colorado Landowners? What About Us?

Colorado landowners have taken the initiative to protect themselves from fractivist policies intended to steal their land and deprive them of their rights.

There’s something exciting happening in the mountains and Colorado landowners are at the center of it. They are striking back at fractivist attempts to take their land under the guise of ludicrous regulations designed to stop all oil and gas development.

They have put forth a Colorado Constitution…


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Production Up for Top Three Shippers Readying for Atlantic Sunrise

Cabot, Seneca and Chief have been ramping up production in preparation of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline coming online this month.

According to a report from BTU Analytics, the top three shippers who will soon flow natural gas along Williams’ Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline (ASP), …


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Bill in Congress Would Put Water Quality Certification Manners on Cuomo

A bill has now been introduced in the U.S. Senate that would put pipeline water quality certification manners on New York Gov. Andrew “Corruptocrat” Cuomo.

Finally, Congress is starting to pay attention to the great gas robbery that has taken place in the Northeast. New York Governor Andrew “Corruptocrat” Cuomo has done everything he can stop pipelines that would provide much needed natural gas to places such as Boston. He’s primarily done it by instructing…


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California Solar Mandate Will Cost More Than Anyone Was Told

Stephen Heins reveals the insanity of a California solar mandate, which will deepen the impacts of the energy debacle in which the state is already mired.

California’s new solar mandate will cost much more than anyone was told, writes Steven Sexton at the Wall Street Journal. Essentially, the public sector,…


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Great Scot! Someone’s Proposing Fracking in the Once Land of the Brave?

Scotland officially opposes fracking out of a fear of being politically incorrect, but hope arises in the once Land of the Brave as “fracking” is whispered.

The recent history of Scotland, home of William Wallace and “Land of the Brave,” where freedom was once worth fighting for, has been one of a long descent into feckless political correctness. Fracking is one of the latest victims, but …


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What the DRBC Ought to be Doing Instead of Playing Fracking Games

The DRBC is fiddling with fracking games while Camden, Philadelphia, Trenton and Wilmington burn with a pollution fever caused by raw sewage in the Delaware.

The DRBC has spent massive energy, time and money pursuing an unjustified fracking ban at the behest of special interests. Those special interests (e.g., the Delaware Riverkeeper a/k/a Povertykeeper and the Clean Air Council) have been financed by uber-rich foundations such as the Heinz Endowments…


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Dear Abby: Can You Tell Me How to Save Upstate New York?

Vic Furman does a fictitious “Dear Abby” column asking for advice on how to save Upstate New York from a corrupt, tyrannical governor bent on destroying it.

Dear Abby,

I live in Upstate New York. It is the highest taxed state in the country with respect to combined state and federal taxes. It is such a beautiful and scenic state and therein lies the problem, or at least part of it. You see, although New York City has grown in population, Upstate New…


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New York Energy Policy Is Now A Function of the Elitist Mobocracy

New York energy policy is now being determined through elitist mobocracy as policy-makers everywhere attempt to appease virtue-signaling trust-funder types.

New York energy policy is a complete disaster. Energy In Depth has a great piece up noting the insanity and pointing out what Andrew Cuomo…


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Andrew “Corruptocrat” Cuomo Gives CPV the Heisman for Betrayal of “Brother” Percoco?

Natural Gas NOW readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy. As usual, emphasis is added.

Mob boss Governor Andrew “Corruptocrat” Cuomo described recently convicted Joe Percoco, his former aide, as his “brother.” Percoco was the apparent bag man in whatever crooked deal…


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Severance Tax Explained in New Video, Harrisburg Politicians Earn Pinocchio Points

Harrisburg politicians earn Pinocchio points in a new video by the Clear Energy Alliance which clearly explains the PA severance tax issue.

A killer video on the topic of a severance tax in Pennsylvania has just been published (on Youtube) by the Clear Energy Alliance. The…


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The DRBC Has A Train Wreck As New Jersey Pollutes the Delaware

The DRBC justification for a fracking ban just derailed with a train wreck that dumped New Jersey’s waste, on the way to New York, into the Delaware River.

The DRBC’s juvenile justification for its proposed framework ban is essentially “My God, there could be an accident” or something like that. There was a railroad accident yesterday and it dumped fuel oil and waste from New Jersey into the West Branch of the Delaware River. It had zero to do with fracking,…


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The Remarkable Cost Advantage of Natural Gas vs. Renewables

Green energy fanatics keep telling us renewables are coming cost competitive but the cost advantage of natural gas continues to be insurmountable for them.

A week rarely goes by at the EIA’s Today on Energy blog without some wonderful news on the cost advantage of natural gas. Yesterday’s post is a perfect example. The title, “Average U.S.…


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What Are the Big Issues Facing Natural Gas Development in the East?

Natural gas development in the eastern U.S. faces several big issues about which I recently spoke during an interview with the Bakken Oil Business Journal.

Representatives from the Bakken Oil Business Journal called me a few weeks ago to get a perspective on what’s happening with natural gas development in the eastern U.S.. I was…


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FERC Says New York State Played Games with Northern Access Pipeline

FERC just told Gov. Corruptocrat and his DEC they lost their chance to deny a water quality certification to the Northern Access Pipeline by playing games.

Earlier this week FERC issued a 61-page decision striking another important blow to New York State’s illicit effort to halt pipeline development. The first blow was when Millennium Pipeline immediately went to war with Governor Corruptocrat the minute it became clear his DEC was merely playing games with…


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Side By Side Comparison: The Twin Tiers Are Drastically Different

Stephen Heins shows how the twin tiers can be so different. PA’s natural gas development has spurred the economy, while NY is stagnant due to a fracking ban.

The following side by side comparisons between New York’s Southern Tier and Pennsylvania Northern Tier demonstrates that…


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Ireland Banned Fracking But the Shale Revolution Has Risen Up to Meet It

The Irish may, in their desire to appease environmental extremists, have banned fracking but the shale revolution has risen up to meet Ireland anyway.

A few years ago, Ireland, once the home of fierce independents, decided to go the environmental appeasement route and ban fracking. That decision, designed…


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Can We Flip Some of Our Trade Deficit with China by Selling It LNG?

It’s no secret we run a trade deficit with China but, we may have found at least a partial solution with LNG. We’re an LNG exporter and they’re the market.

An article by Brian Wang on the website Next Big Future uses some interesting data from the Energy…


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Elon Musk: $4.9 Billion in Taxpayer Subsidies and He Wants Still More!

Pretty boy Elon Musk is king of the hustlers, having collected $4.9 billion in taxpayer subsidies for his extravagant schemes and now he wants even more.

Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk has a habit of making products that people don’t want.

They are often too expensive (flights to Mars for $6 million and “a good chance…


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