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New York Hydraulic Fracturing Regs Proposed

Simultaneously with a whole lot of political maneuvering apparently intended to confuse everyone, characteristic of New York State, the Cuomo Administration has released a set of revised regulations for natural gas development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing.  

The New York State Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) on hydraulic fracturing languishes but the Department of Environmental Conservation published, late last…


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10 Commandments for Gov. Cuomo

Natural gas advocate and Sullivan County, New York, landowner, Inge Grafe-Kieklak, delivers Ten Commandments for Governor Cuomo as he bobs and weaves his way through (or is it out of) the hydraulic fracturing issue.

I have been active in trying to bring natural gas development to our region of New York for five years now. Watching the machinations of New York State politics and Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding this issue has made me realize Upstate citizens are being used as pawns in…


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Finally, An Economic Solution for Rural America

A recent analysis by USA TODAY shows that development of the nation’s shale resources is reversing a decade’s long trend and shifting significant wealth toward rural areas of the country that certainly can use the boost.

From reviving local steel mills in blue collar communities to supporting family businesses, responsible shale development is transforming and reshaping our economy for the better. And according to an analysis by USA TODAY, oil and natural gas development is also…


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Cuomo's Natural Gas Dance

New York DEC is now extending its original deadline in a bizarre on-off-on-off-on again natural gas regulation dance. Trying to understand where the Governor is at any given moment requires a Ouija board or some other tool of the occult arts. Jim Willis of Marcellus Drilling News had this to say about the whole thing this morning.

It’s official: The New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will file for a 90-day extension on the rulemaking process for hydraulic fracturing.…


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Green Completions Working

Green completion may be a foreign term for some people when thinking about natural gas development, but it’s as real as could be and one more demonstration of how technology is always one step ahead of the natural gas opposition’s hype. Green completion is one more step in an development process that is cleaner by the day.

Green completions are now becoming standard in the natural gas industry, eliminating one of the latest objections of natural gas opponents who like to say the…


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Need info about pipelines in Ohio

We are familiar with the value of minerals in our area (Guernsey County, Ohio) but what about when it comes to surface issues.  What is the going rate of having a pipeline run through your property?  I know they base a lot on footage, but they also give compensation for damages for timber, access roads, etc.  Any advice, pros or cons, much appreciated.

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Huston & Scroggins Attack Jobs

Natural gas opponents Bill Huston and Vera Scroggins reveal a contempt for job seekers and careers that lies at the heart of their natural gas opposition. It’s got little to do with the environment, except as a tool to achieve their broader goal of reshaping society.

We received two stunningly candid comments on this blog this week revealing what so much of the natural gas opposition is really about. The comments came back to back and and provide a window into the minds of two of the…


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Cornell Conducts Debate, Howarth Goes Off

Cornell University was the site of a debate on hydraulic fracturing recently where two panels of advocates on either side discussed the basics of natural gas development. There were also some interesting sideline activities when one of the panelists called another an “industry” hack after being unable to defend his own report.

We took a trip to Ithaca last week so Tom could participate in a debate on hydraulic fracturing and the role of natural gas development with respect to global…


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No Happy Thanksgiving for Upstate While Cuomo Dithers

Bill Owen provides us a copy of a letter he recently sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo in response to the Governor’s Thanksgiving news release to those on his mailing list. There’s not much to be happy about in Upstate New York, says Owen, because Cuomo has abandoned his rural constituents.

Who am I? Nobody really, just a citizen tired of seeing the FUD (fear uncertainly and doubt) infect the political arena while jobs and hope flee New York. Like many of you, I have written many letters…


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Gaining Some Perspective

Why don't you join me this Thursday as I attempt to gain some perspective. I’m long over due for a timeout. Perhaps a day, or two, to consider the life that I’ve been blessed to live. How about you? If so, then quit scrutinizing over the recent election; whether your guy won or lost. Forgive your…


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Cuomo Actions Suggest Fix Is In or One Treacherous Politician

Recent comments by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and actions by the State Department of Health in appointing “independent” professionals to review public health concerns in the SGEIS show the fix may be in for shale development in New York.

The past few weeks have left many in New York wondering if Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually wants to see responsible Marcellus development move forward in his state. Unfortunately, if the comments he made on Tuesday’s edition of the Fred Dicker show are any…


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The Simple Facts on Stray Gas Migration

Tom Copley maintains WikiMarcellus, which provides an objective, educational perspective on Marcellus Shale natural gas development.  It is a resource to any serious student of what’s happening with this industry.  Here is an example of Tom’s most recent effort; a…


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Hydraulic Fracturing Is An Open Book

Speculative fears are used by agenda-driven groups to suggest something’s hidden and must be found about hydraulic fracturing, but the process and fluids are an open book, so complete and mundane as to be boring to anyone interested in the facts. The truth is this; items arguably the safest of all are the ones most likely to be proprietary.

Some people are never happy. When I first became interested in natural gas as a landowner some four years ago, there was considerable controversy…


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Jesse White Was For Gas Before He Was Against It

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has now published several stories about Rep. Jesse White and his campaign against DEP, natural gas and Range Resources, this being the most recent. While these stories provide many insights into the nature of Jesse, none quite capture the essence of the controversy as well as this 2009 video of him extolling the virtues of natural gas and Range Resources before he failed to get that plane ride.…


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Wendy Lynne Lee Attacks Women Who Support Natural Gas

Wendy Lynne Lee is as entertaining as it gets.  Joe Massaro recently had the opportunity to listen to her read a paper full of assertions about the natural gas industry.  Called ?The Good Ole? Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast Cancer Is the Canary in the Fracking Coal Mine? the paper is about what you?d expect from a piece so titled.

Susquehanna University recently allowed Professor…


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Shale Gas Health Effects Nil

Uni Blake provides a summary of what happened (and didn’t happen) at a recent conference on the health effects of shale gas development. She concludes that after 5 years of closely examining the negatives impacts of gas development, there has been NO significant and NO widespread health effects reported or recorded.

“If you want to understand what a science is, you should look in the first instance not at its theories or findings, and certainly not at what its apologists say about it;…


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Already Leased? What are my Options?

This is the focus of a Penn State Extension seminar that will be presented in Coudersport, PA on NOV. 29th ...6:00 PM @ Firemen's Meeting Hall on 171, Rte 6W.  Speakers: 2 key Marcellus educators and 2 highly respected natural gas/oil attorneys.  Materials and information that will be shared are intended for lease holders whose leases will expire approximately within a year, or who have older leasing documents that may be altered to up-date/reflect newer drilling techniques, safer…


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Green Planning Against Natural Gas Development Lacks Credibility

There are two posts up on our blog today regarding "green planning" opposition to natural gas development in Otsego and Tompkins Counties. One is by guest blogger Dave Parker and the other is by our Rachael Colley. You'll find these two posts raise serious issues regarding the legitimacy of the Tompkins County and Middlefield studies of natural gas impacts by a green planning firm. They include many of the same incorrect assertions.…


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Exposing The Flowback Fiction

The Flowback is a propaganda piece developed with the help of a group named the Sustainable Markets Foundation, which is apparently run on behalf of trial lawyers with money provided by two very famous families. The facts about natural gas development contrast sharply with the fiction that constitute The Flowback.

We earlier provided some essential facts regarding who’s behind the publication of a penny saver insert and propaganda piece know as The Flowback – some very wealthy NIMBY…


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Simona Perry: Pennsylvanians Have a Death Wish

Dr. Simona Perry spoke Wednesday night at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which seems to be making a habit recently of entertaining natural gas opponent “experts.” Posing as an anthropologist or something, she seemed to be in way over her head and couldn’t hide her anti natural gas development agenda.

Earlier this week we sat in on a talk by Dr. Simona Perry, a research partner at c.a.s.e. Consulting Services. For those of you not familiar with Perry’s work she has a…


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