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Snyder Bros. Leasehold Sale

Has anyone heard any results from the Snyder Leasehold Sale (Armstrong, Butler, etc. counties)?  Our group became part of it (400,000 + acres total), and signed leases, but no information as yet.  I think we were supposed to hear something by Sept. 8.


A couple of weeks ago, landowners in our area (Butler County) began receiving offers from a landsman representing Shell.  $3,000.00 per acre + 15% royalties.  But since most of us are locked into the Snyder deal, we can't sign…


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$4000-5000 is here

ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM - Analyst Report) is all set to exploit Ohio’s Utica Shale, supposedly one of the biggest sources of crude oil in the United States. The company has made its entry into the oil-rich fields of Utica Shale by acquiring leases in…


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Important Greetings

My name is Tim Sokoloff and at the request of Mr. Ron Eiselstein I am writing here today to introduce an idea that would be tremendously beneficial to a great number of people involved in this developing industry.


Ron and I have identified a need for housing some of the workers that are coming into the area to run these operations. Our organization offers a unique opportunity to provide housing for new workers not only that are coming into the area from out of town, but…


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Disturbing the dead?

Yes, Mark, I will call you. And, Janice, thanx for your comments. There probably ARE statutory restrictions re: entering upon a cemetery for this purpose, and the caskets are only buried 6 feet deep. But, that's the key word,..."probably". Shale drilling is a relatively new thing. Death care industry consultants have advised me that there is no case law, or specific statutes that deal with this in Pennsylvania., and that I should get this protection in writing as part of any agreement I sign.… Continue

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Coexprise: Inflexible, or quite normal?

I have a 27.5 acre cemetery in Beaver County. Generaly speaking, I was prepared to sign on with Coexprise. But, the Agreement provided no "guarantee" of non-encroachment on my land surface. Anyone else out there with sensitive land encroachment issues? Is there a group competing with Coexprise out there who WILL be able to negotiate with this "impediment"?

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Flooding and Private Wells - If your private well has been flooded and inudated with water

I go to a lot of meetings and the citizens are always concerned about how the Marcellus Drilling might impact the groundwater aquifer, but we all seem to forget about these flooding events that most likely have a more cummulative negative impact on the environment and our health.  If your private well has been inudated  with water and possibly submerged, you will need to take the following action:


1. Make sure the power is off the the well and check the electrical…


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Hess and Consol team up for Utica

US independent Hess has staked a claim in the simmering Utica Shale play in Ohio after a $593 million joint venture with coal and gas giant Consol Energy, announced on Wednesday.


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Internet links with Marcellus Shale information (Monroe County, Ohio)

Marcellus Shale Detailed Info
Ohio Mineral…

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Current Outreach Program to Well Owners In Northeastern Pennsylvania ( Free Assistance)

New Online Guide for Private Well Owners in PA

Nearly a million households in Pennsylvania rely on private water supplies.In Pennsylvania, protection and maintenance of a private well is largely the responsibility of homeowners. Private wells are typically safe, dependable sources of water if sited wisely and constructed properly. Information is provided here to have your private water supply built correctly and protected adequately.  There…


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Marcellus earning

All of the major, publicly-traded companies drilling into the Marcellus Shale have reported their second-quarter earnings. Thanks to SeekingAlpha, transcripts from those calls are publicly available and easily searchable.

Here are some of the major takeaways in the reports:

Exco Resources:

  • Spudded seven new operated wells and drilled and completed 6 gross (2.7 net) operated wells during the second quarter 2011 in the Marcellus shale. The IP [initial production]…

Added by paul geiger on September 3, 2011 at 7:21am — 1 Comment

WET GAS in local counties more valuable than the dry gas

here is some information to help informed decision for the value of the wet gas in our area . log on to site it has great information as well as a value of the wet gas  (here is the website) 

Added by Mickgyver on September 3, 2011 at 3:27am — 1 Comment

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